Monday, August 4, 2014

The Threat of Transparency - RE-UPDATED!!

Perhaps you recall this post from some time back?

The Threat of Transparency

  1. Scientists have added colors to worms through genetic coding.
  2. There may well be plans by governments and law enforcement agencies to use these colors as markers and tracking systems for criminals and other citizens.
  3. Japanese scientists at RIKEN have found a way to make human tissue transparent.

Treating biological tissues with the newly discovered reagent renders it transparent, allowing the underlying structures to be easily examined.
Administering the next generation of this reagent intravenously is expected to render all parts of the treated subject equally transparent.
Work is underway on an antidote to this reagent, and the word is that it's being called a deagent. It seems clear that a transparent man could be a very effective spy, especially when that deagent is available to restore his opacity. The one sticking point seems to be a way of retaining some level of opacity in the retinas, to allow for vision, while still reducing the appearance of floating pink discs.

When more information becomes available, we'll report back here.

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Well, they're at it again. Scientists at Cal Tech have created a transparent mouse - complete with transparent organs! (Why that is supplied as extra information is a bit hard to
 understand. If they're transparent, then their organs must be as well, no?)
Now all we need is for Putin to steal this technology and Ukraine won't be the only soon-to-be-former nation in his sights.

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It would appear that there has been some biological leakage from one of these experimental laboratories!

Today amphibians, tomorrow higher chordates, next week primates? Science marches on to the drumbeat of despots and lunatics. Can't you see it? Hordes of transparent amphibian soldiers making their way through the marshes and estuaries of the Baltic to retake Estonia et al? No. You can't see it because they're transparent.

When we have more information, we'll report back here again.

Posted by Listener 43

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