Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remember - I Told You So!

Imagine an Amerika where the FBI keeps tabs on every citizen's online activities - search, browsing, facebook, whatever. Oh, if you can imagine it, maybe you should be working at the FBI because that's just what those "Justice" Department bureaucrats are dreaming of right now.

Check out this link to see what responsible journalists are saying about this topic before you blow me off as a simple ranting blog troll who makes up stuff to complain about just to be able to have something to post on his blog because that's not who I am, and it's not who I ever want to be.
I guess that if we ever got to the place where there was nothing to complain about, I might start making things up so I could keep blogging, but I can't see that happening anytime soon, so you might as well just realize that I'm not just blowing smoke up anybody's short or whatever that expression is.

What possible reason or justification could there be for this kind of thing? Maybe they're just sore at the Supreme Court for saying they need warrants to do their fancy GPS stuff to folks, so they're looking for another way to keep track of everyone and everyone. It's hard to understand how those minds work - at least for a normal guy like me anyway.

It's time to complain to the Justice Department - and to your Representative and Senators. Don't let them just do whatever they want to anyone they don't like. The facebook timeline you protect may be your own.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maybe Their Minds Are Occupied

Here's the latest bunch of idiocy from the nation's capital.
Thanks to the top-drawer cleanliness and public hygiene practices by the 0ccupiers, there's a huge rat infestation - and I don't mean the human variety, I'm talking Rattus Norvegicus, our good friend the plain old brown rat - that threatens the public health.
In the typical turn common-sense on its head tradition of these bozos (and let me apologize to the real Bozo who wasn't a bozo in the lower case sense at all, may he rest in peace), the fear of PETA has been put into the DC administration so they're not going to do any trapping or poisoning or anything that might help to get rid of these vermin; instead they're possibly going to do a bit of live trapping and then release them somewhere else so they're someone else's problem instead of theirs, but rats are pretty good at finding their original location so they're going to get a bunch of them back there in DC anyway and then they'll find out that these nasty little buggers carry lepto and rabies and all those other good things that took out Raccoon City in those games and movies.

OK, that last bit is just my hyperbole acting up, but my meds are kicking in and the rest of it is true - just wait until no-animal-product-wearing former hippies and hippie wannabes find out that their little dogs are all dying of leptospirosis because the breeders wouldn't let them be vaccinated for it and their PETA friends have made sure that the rats are protected so their dogs aren't: "What, you mean I've picked a rat over Fifi?" That's right, you moron, you picked a pest over your pet! And then you're going to find that these nasty critters are a nice vector for rabies, and it's not just your pets that can get that - and they are probably vaccinated anyway - but your kids who want to play with that nice brown animal in the park are going to find out that people can get rabies just as much as dogs and cats and rats and everything.

Yeah, it's all fun and games until somebody starts getting shots in the gut to take care of a rat bite.

What a bunch of dopes.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Wash Out Their Mouths With SOPA!

Oh great, another attempt by our congressional overlords to assert their ownership of the internet.
I guess I need to get used to the idea that just because they don't have any idea what they're talking about they're not going to stop talking about and trying to run and probably ending up ruining whatever is under discussion instead.
The blockheads on capitol hill seem to have decided that it's more important for their media buddies to be able to turn off the internet any time they think someone might be enjoying one of their products than it is for actual people to be able to have access to information and commerce and blogs like this one and so they're just going to stomp on the throat of free expression and freedom of the press and freedom to assemble and any other freedom that might get in the way of some corporate overlord thinking that he owns the world.
What a bunch of bums - who elected them kings of the world anyway?

Posted by Gyro Gearloose

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are Russian Space Troubles From Beyond Mars?

  1. The head of the Russian space agency has hinted that foreign sabotage might be to blame for the malfunction of the country's Martian space probe, Phobos-Grunt.
  2. In Russian, there is only one word to mean both "foreign" and "alien."
  3. Vladimir Popovkin told Russian newspaper Izvestia,"Today there is no clarity, why the propulsion unit onboard Phobos-Grunt failed to start.
    "It is also unclear, why our satellites often have failures at the time when they fly out of range where we don't see the vehicle and do not receive telemetry from it.
    "I don’t want to make any accusations, but today there is powerful equipment to influence spacecrafts, and the possibility of their use should not be ruled out....”
Given the long history of Russian space program failures in their Martian efforts - while not in their Earth-orbit and lunar missions - it is interesting to note that there is only the translator's preference to tell us of "foreign" rather than "alien" sabotage.
When will NASA and ESA admit that they know what has been wreaking havoc on the Martian probes of Russia?
Can there be any doubt that it has been witnessed and recorded by the many and highly capable satellites orbiting our planet?
Why won't these government agencies inform the public of what is causing these failures?
This is especially irresponsible as we await this weekend's rain of flaming debris from their latest casualty: Phobos-Grunt.
We will report back here as more information is received.

Posted by Listener 43

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Unlocking Hidden Genetic Codes

  1. Canadian scientists have unlocked otherwise-unused genetic materials in several ant species.
  2. This manipulation has resulted in the birth of super-soldier ants in species where no such caste naturally occurs.
  3. They speculate that similar hidden types and abilities can be unlocked in other - higher - species, perhaps including humans.
Clearly this is aimed at creating alphas, betas, and gammas with the eventual application of Bokanovsky's process.
When will our governments admit their plans for chain gangs of Neanderthals building highways?
When will the scientists tell us what other species have already been reverted to type?
Why are average citizens regarded with so little regard by their putative betters?
When we find more information we'll report it here, but suffice it to say that with talk of cloning mammoths and/or mastodons in recent news, we're taking this whole story more seriously than we otherwise might, and we suggest that you do the same!

Posted by Listener 43

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Congress Is In Recess When I Say It's In Recess

Once again, president 0bama is ignoring reality as the rest of us perceive it and blithely going off on his own. Congress is not in recess, but they're not meeting for regular-enough business for his taste, so he simply re-defines recess and makes a raft of recess appointments.
This is just one more of those moments for me when I try to decide if these thugs are just incompetent or if they're really that little concerned with doing the right things in the right way - and then I try to decide which I would prefer.
Pretty much every time I have one of these moments (and they happen far too often), I realize that it doesn't much matter which description is correct - the country is getting hosed by a bunch of thugs pretending to be politicians pretending to be public servants pretending to be statesmen.

Holy Constitutional Crisis, Batman! My guess is that the Constitution itself wasn't required reading in the classroom when 0bama "taught" Constitutional Law.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Russian Space Crystals

  1. Russian scientists have found crystals with a structure previously only found in the laboratory.
  2. These crystals - icosahedrites - were apparently naturally produced.
  3. Although they don't occur in nature here on Earth, it appears they fell to Earth from space.
Icosahedral crystals are related to the 20-sided solids known to many from various role-playing games (RPGs). In spite of their having forced the coining of the name for a new crystalline structure, these seem to have raised only very limited question in the official scientific press.

When will the Russian science establishment admit that these are relics of the Tunguska Event?
When will the Russian government release more than these token crystallograms?
What possible use could there be for 20-sided crystals in outer space? It seems very unlikely that they were used as dice (that despite Gyro's contention to the contrary).
It seems rather more likely that they formed a part of a containment matrix for some sort of power grid or laser-pumped fusion power system.

As we gain more information, it will be posted here - count on it!

Posted by Listener 43

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