Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SETI @ Home Is Back

  1. SETI had taken their radio telescope array off-line some time ago due to "lack of funds."
  2. They announced at the time that they would be coming back online when their liquidity improved.
  3. During that interim period, other researchers were discovering large numbers of potentially habitable planets in our "Milky Way" galaxy.
  4. Now SETI is looking for home computer owners to donate CPU cycles to their SETI @ home program for analyzing the many terabytes of data they are once again collecting.
As noted in an earlier post, this timing seemed too convenient to be coincidental - planets being discovered while SETI held their arrays off-line. They were looking for funding, and have reportedly received nearly a quarter of a million dollars from thousands of donors, and it is interesting to see that one such donor was noted author, Larry Niven.
Why haven't the non-SETI scientists released the descriptions of any rings found around these worlds, or at least denied their existence?
Are any of the newly notable suns actually surrounded by Dyson Spheres? (or by a ring-shaped portion of one?)
Why are these details being kept out of the public reports of these discoveries?

We'll report more here when it becomes available. Our Area 51 observation post will be on full alert in the weeks to come.

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