Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Threat of Transparency

  1. Scientists have added colors to worms through genetic coding.
  2. There may well be plans by governments and law enforcement agencies to use these colors as markers and tracking systems for criminals and other citizens.
  3. Japanese scientists at RIKEN have found a way to make human tissue transparent.

Treating biological tissues with the newly discovered reagent renders it transparent, allowing the underlying structures to be easily examined.
Administering the next generation of this reagent intravenously is expected to render all parts of the treated subject equally transparent.
Work is underway on an antidote to this reagent, and the word is that it's being called a deagent. It seems clear that a transparent man could be a very effective spy, especially when that deagent is available to restore his opacity. The one sticking point seems to be a way of retaining some level of opacity in the retinas, to allow for vision, while still reducing the appearance of floating pink discs.

When more information becomes available, we'll report back here.

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  1. ...Lol what? You're retarded. That combination would be poisonous to anything still alive. It's meant for dead things only.

  2. Perhaps you didn't read the post, my friend.

    Administering _the next generation_ of this reagent.

    That's the key, they're working on an updated version, and it's unlikely in the extremis that they'll tell us about it when they have it; would you?
    Thanks for "reading" my post.

  3. still retarded! there is no "next generation" of this that will be able to render a living person transparent. the human body requires hemoglobin to carry out functions, long with many other compounds, and there will NEVER be a way to make these things transparent. Basic science. Think before you make yourself appear totally ignorant of high school level biology.

  4. Oh dear. High School biology? Is that how you judge these things?
    Perhaps a quote from the researchers might help:

    Looking ahead, Miyawaki's team has set its sights on an ambitious goal. "We are currently investigating another, milder candidate reagent which would allow us to study live tissue in the same way, at somewhat lower levels of transparency. This would open the door to experiments that have simply never been possible before."

    Enjoy your complacency while you can.

  5. Yes they are now able to make a few millimeters of tissue so transparent, that it will clearly and visibly bend the light coming from behind it. So anything less effective will quite expectedly be completely incapable of rendering several centimeters of different tissues transparent. At least to a degree where it would match the refraction index of air instead of, say, jello like the pictures of the first version show.

  6. Sam Casey can become invisible. He just clicks his wrist thing and goes from opaque to trasparent. Amazingly, his clothes also become invisible. Now stop harassing Denby!

  7. To put it bluntly, the author of this post is a moron.

  8. Moron is rather harsh word; you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself, my friend.

  9. that was clever rhetoric, but he is right their hoping to make advances in transparency in the bending of the light, (see the comment 4 posts up - hit the nail on the head my friend) as fun as conspiracies and super human abilities are the transparent mouse embryo that was soaked in piss is not going to lead to an "effective spy" Although the current experiments are flawed in that they are using living animals with to many brain cells compared to that of the dead mouse embryo, But after reading this post i think they could have their first successful guinea pig