Friday, September 30, 2011

Copping an Attitude

 It would appear that Obama, Reid, and Boehner are much less well-thought-of than Jobs and Gates, and held in even more contempt than Bank of America and WaMu.
Not much additional commentary required here, is there? Maybe if instead of just taking all the tax money they can get and throwing it down solar rat-holes and foreign rat-holes and every other kind of rat-hole, they produced something of value we wouldn't think they were such a bunch of useless leeches, but they don't and so we do.

Industry Positive Neutral Negative
Computer Industry 72% 16% 10%
Farming Industry 57% 22% 19%
Automobile Industry 42% 25% 32%
Banking 30% 21% 47%
The Federal Government 17% 20% 63%
 Source: Gallup Poll, Augst 29, 2011

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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