Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trying to disCERN the Truth

  1. Just over a week ago, CERN scientists were telling their colleagues that they didn't have the evidence of the Higgs boson which they had previously thought they had.
  2. They claimed - bizarrely - that their loss in statistical certitude meant they had a better chance of finding the so called "God particle."
  3. This week, they're claiming to be ahead of schedule in their search for this elusive particle. In fact, they claim they may have evidence of a discovery "by Christmas."
  4. Somehow, the LHC has been pumping out collisions at a rate of approximately six times that they had "expected" prior to this announcement.
Once again, the LHC scientists at CERN seem to be playing fast and loose with their colleagues' collective credulity. One has to wonder if they were really that far off in the understanding of the capabilities of their machine. Of course, with their vaunted "LHC@home 2.0" program, they were anticipating a faster analysis cycle, but certainly they're not getting more collisions as a result of this program.

It seems apparent that the CERN leadership has already decided when and what their announcement will be regarding the Higgs boson, and they're trying to play the international press like a cello until then.

One can only hope they will turn out to be less unforthcoming in their science than they seem to be in their press relations.

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