Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Great Steve Jobs

I waited a while before addressing the frenzy of Jobsophiles who don't know how to carry on without their great leader and purveyor of magical devices, but I can't hold back any more:

Oh great, another second-tier computer company CEO resigns and the news media can't get enough of Lionizing him - and yes, that was an intentional pun; I hope you get it. Jobs couldn't keep his job in the first place at the company that he co-founded, but once he came back and started making magical devices for the rest of us it was Katy bar the door here comes the whole Nebraska front line and they're headed right for IBM which had to sell its personal computer business to some Chinese company in order to not lose money as the PC turned into a commodity apart from Apple or whatever flavor of linux you chose if you're a big enough geek to handle that. Otherwise it's down to what background picture you put on your desktop and if you were dumb enough to buy Vista instead of waiting for Windows 7 which fixed pretty much all the problems in Vista so it's OK to move on from XP.

Anyway, the problem with all the Jobs-o-mania is that they're forgetting that he didn't actually code anything, and he didn't actually design anything, but he did do great presentations at his annual meetings to fire up the developers and the consumers to need the next incremental improvement of the magical device he was pitching at the time.

Don't get me wrong - I hope the guy gets well some day. It just bothers me that when this guy leaves his company it's a much bigger deal than it should be - it's not like the main guy behind Excel is gone, or Linus Torvalds is calling it quits and finding another guy named Roger from up there where he's from to handle the forks and kernels of what once was called linux but now will be called rogix because that would be something major - this is a guy who has good taste in computer boxes and a pretty narrow wardrobe who is still going to be the chairman of the board but everyone in the media seems to think it's the end of the world.

Get a life and a clue, folks. Chumps.

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