Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Think of the Children!

Planned Parenthood is celebrating the inclusion of birth control in all 0bamacare plans with a dance video featuring a package of birth control pills cavorting in Bollywood style for some bizarre reason. If you ask me, the producers of Slumdog Millionaire should sue the crap out of them for doing such a rotten ripoff of their movie.

The whole idea seems to be, at least according to Nancy Pelosi, that whenever people have children it costs the government money, so by paying for the pills to stop kids from being born we'll all save money and not have so much medical spending coming out of our tax coffers in the future. Somehow the "logic" escapes me.

If kids grow up to have jobs and pay taxes, they should be a net plus, even to the government. If that's not how it works, then that means that each person in the nation is costing our leaders more money than he or she is worth, so by that logic we ought to just all drop dead in order to save the country.
It seems to me that even the knuckleheads in DC should be able to figure out that with the Ponzi scheme they like to call Social Security, we need more workers all the time to pump the SS taxes into the system for the retired folks who are drawing it out.
If we're not going to have kids of our own any more, are they planning on importing a bunch of Mexicans to pay the taxes for us? Don't they know that a bunch of that money gets sent back to Mexico to keep that economy alive and functioning (such as it is)?

You say unintended consequences. I say morons.

I'm right.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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