Monday, August 8, 2011

The FBI Wants Your Kids' Vitals

First off, what the hell is wrong with that Doe family, anyway? They're always getting lost or killed or arrested - just like the kids on this sample from the FBI.

When I saw that the FBI has finally come up with an app to help parents find their missing children, I thought, "What could go wrong here? The FBI is a trustworthy, helpful, friendly ...." Then I slapped myself.

Sure, there's probably a good reason to keep some basic information on your kids in your phone, just in case, but aren't you worried that the FBI will be collecting all this data and keeping it for future reference?

Oh, don't worry about that - they say they're not collecting anything until you send it to them.
Sure, and Santa doesn't check his list twice either.

What's the dead giveaway? They didn't bother to password protect the app. If you're dumb enough to put sensitive personal data about your kids in a wide-open app on your phone that Steve Jobs tracks daily, as does every hacker in the world, including the ones working for the FBI, then maybe you're dumb enough that you're going to lose your kids at the park and you'll need this app anyway, but I'm guessing that's not going to happen, and it's just another way the FBI is filling their databases with not-really-voluntary data that they can reasonably claim they have some reason to think about collecting in case some of these kids get kidnapped, since that's automatically a federal case.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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