Thursday, July 21, 2011

They Know What's Good For Us?!?!?

Just in case you thought that the Eurocrats in Brussels were the only governmentals who have decided that they know what's best for their serfs, I ran across another eye opening pseudo-scientific brouhaha from the UK - the last even partial bastion of freedom left in Europe as far as I can tell.
In spite of the fact that there are tons of studies that show that moderate drinking is good for you, the British Medical Association has decided that alcohol is bad for everyone in all circumstances at all times and that there's no reason to take facts into account when they have the chance to tell people how to live their lives with the authority that comes with those MD and BMA letters.

The mere fact that moderate drinkers are 30% less likely to develop coronary heart disease than are teetotallers has no bearing on the Medical Association's prescriptions for their largely undiscerning victims. After all, it's more important that people live the lives the BMA wants for them than that they have happy and healthy lives.
I will admit that there is one positive thing that I found here, and it's that there's some kind of review going on to see if the BMA makes recommendations that are in line with and based on actual science instead of their Nanny State bureaucratic wanna-be-ism as it really seems to be. Now we can just hope that this will be coming to a medical association near you - actual medical advice based on science instead of political correctness - or worse, on political correction.

Wake up and Stand up, America!

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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  1. "... no society has much to gain if any segment of its population is being deliberately misled in the nature of its present situation or past history." - H. Spencer in "The Transcendental Engineers"