Monday, July 11, 2011

That's NOT Hacking!

Oh great, another old-line traditional media company gets in trouble for breaking the law and the rest of the oldsters writing it up call it "hacking" because they don't know any better and they figure everyone knows that hackers are all criminals and bad guys, so we might as well paint these guys with that same broad brush, right?

Paying a corrupt cop or security guard for phone numbers isn't hacking.
Guessing someone's voicemail password isn't hacking.
Deleting voicemails from someone else's voicemail isn't hacking.

Good grief, people, at least learn what the words mean before you use them! Don't they teach anything in journalism school any more? Did they ever teach anything in journalism schools?

What a bunch of chumps reporters must be - including the supposed reporters at NotW!

Posted by Gyro Gearloose

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