Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dynamite and Denial

  1. In Bolungarvik, Iceland avalanches are a problem.
  2. The town council elected to build an avalanche barrier, using dynamite to blast through some rock in the area.
  3. The town was then pummeled with hand-sized rocks, damaging several houses.
  4. Locals understood this to be retaliation by the local elves (or huldufolk) for the unwanted destruction of their lands.
The town council refused all reasonable requests to mollify the elves, claiming they knew better the reasons for the attack, so the local citizens were forced to organize their own impromptu apology session - much as Icelanders have often done when building roads, highways, and other construction activities in the elves habitat.
Once again, we find the powers that be refusing to acknowledge what is commonly known - as if by denying the truth they can make it go away.

We know better - the truth may need some help from time to time, but the truth will out. Stay tuned for more reports from Iceland as details become available.

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