Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Earth's Rotation Is At Risk

  1. Nepal accepts a height of 8,484m (29,029') for Mount Everest based on a 1955 Indian survey.
  2. China claims its height is only 8,844m - a claim based on the height of the rock, rather than on the snow on top of the rock at the peak.
  3. Nepal will mount a high tech effort to measure the height, using triangulated GPS signals.
  4. The US National Geographic did the same thing in 1999 - measuring it at 8,850m.
Further investigation indicates that this was not simply a correction in the height of the mountain. Rather, Everest is rising as continental plates shift. By the time Nepal can correct China's recalcitrance, the mountain will likely be several millimeters taller than their measurement will indicate.

Why won't the National Geographic report the constant shift of the Earth's mass from its current, relatively even distribution to its future shape with a large bulge in the Himalayas?
What can be done to combat the coming instability of the Earth's rotation?
Will day and night have different lengths, based on the wobbling to come?

We will report back as more details become available!

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