Friday, July 1, 2011

The Colonel's New CCO

  1. KFC has been selling vat-grown chicken-equivalent since receiving alien technology from the Air Force cooks at Area 51.
  2. Far too many people know that KFC changed its name because they don't serve "Chicken" any more.
  3. Health concerns are driving down the sales of Fried foods.
  4. KFC is in a potential death spiral.
Given all these facts, it's not at all surprising that the KFC company has designated a new "Chief Chicken Officer" to train their cooks internally, as well as to be the face of the company to their potential customers.
We simply don't comment on mere suspicions, but this one is too obvious to ignore: the new CCO is apparnetly named A. Person, and is to be featured in training videos and possibly in television commercials as well.
Our guess - customers and employees will feel better if A. Person has told them that it's chicken and that it's been cooked in a real and / or healthy manner.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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