Friday, July 1, 2011

Securing the Border

The other day I was reading that former UN Ambassador John Bolton was saying that the Obama administration had ATF agents being complicit in letting Mexican drug cartels smuggle guns across the border into Mexico so they could cause as much gun-related violence as possible so that Americans would be frightened into letting the government take everyone's guns away in order to keep us all safe from all the Mexicans that the ATF had armed with American guns that shouldn't have been allowed to go across the border into Mexico in the first place anyway.

While that might seem too hard to believe of any group of people that doesn't seem able to be smart enough to not wreck the economy and that thinks that using the emergency gas pumps would be a good idea when there's not an emergency except in their poll numbers and not in the actual supply of gasoline and petroleum instead of drilling to get more, it's really not that hard to believe when you think about how sneaky they've all been in getting Commies and such and other assorted Socialists and pinkos and Com-Symps into positions of power with no need for hearings and approvals and such.

In short, they're a sneaky bunch, and crafty in a not very pleasant kind of way, and so it's pretty clear that these guys mean business, and their business is taking away your guns and my guns and everybody's guns except their own and the Mexican criminals who are selling drugs to idiots on both sides of the border and are smuggling more guns back down there so they can continue to take the war to their own government and police and such because that will make the people that much easier to control.

After all, when we don't even know that the Constitution is the final law of the land and that the Supreme Court is supposed to decide if other laws are OK by the constitution, not by what they think or by what polls say or by what the French or Belgians or other Eurotrash might think or say, then it's easy for them to tell us that we need to turn in our guns or not be able to buy ammunition or have to be on a list of potential terrorists if we want to have a gun or some bullets and that it's all for our own good and for our own safety.

Well, I say it all a bunch of hooey, and that if they want my guns taken away from me so much, then there must be a pretty good reason that I really should have one, and not just for defending my home against criminals from Mexico or Omaha or [insert your own city here] or wherever, but it's important to keep our government from forgetting that they work for us and that our stuff is ours, not theirs that they let us keep as long as it's not too much trouble to them, and that they only have the limited powers that are listed in the Constitution and not just whatever they think they can get away with and not get voted out or put in jail for doing it.

Remember this Independence Day that it was a bunch of regular guys who had guns that were the reason the British had to stop oppressing us and admit that we were a real country now too, even if they did try again with the War of 1812 to impress us and burn us out of our homes and all that jazz, but we won that one too because we're Americans and we have rights that no one can take away from us as long as we're not stupid and a bunch of cowards.

Stand Up, America!
Posted by Lewis Cannon

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