Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pyramids and Satellites

  1. Seventeen lost pyramids have been found in Egypt using space-based IR surveillance satellites.
  2. A lost pyramid was found in Peru with evidence of industrial use of copper and ritual human sacrifice.
  3. German scientists were able to revive a dormant satellite using a dirty hack, not unlike the feat fictionalized in the film "Independence Day."
  4. Much of the world's copper is sourced in the Great Lakes region, near the Canadian Shield - a mineral / rock deposit generally acknowledged to have been laid by the collision of the Earth with an extraterrestrial body of significant size and non-standard composition.
What can this array of facts tell us that our government will not?
First, that there is a clear connection between pyramids all over the globe and the satellites that are circling it.
Next, that somehow, the aliens whom the ancient Incas worshiped had need of human females and copper - perhaps theirs were both lost in the Canadian Incident, but we prefer not to indulge in such unfounded speculation.
Finally, that there are satellites orbiting the Earth in a dormant state, waiting for a particular signal to reawaken them, for whatever purpose.

We'll be digging for the truth behind what the collective governments of the US, Canada, Peru, and Germany simply won't tell the world - what are they hiding from us?

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