Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eco-Tourism and Invasive Species

  1. Scandinavia is being overrun by vast numbers of raccoons and raccoon dogs.
  2. German lager yeast is descended from a hybrid of its native ale yeast and a South American strain.
  3. The California town of Paso Robles is being menaced by the world's largest rodent, the capybara.
  4. Australia has been overrun by two non-marsupial mammals - rabbits and camels.
In each case, humans have thought to improve their enjoyment of their local environs by importing creatures or wildlife from a remote area. In each case, nothing but trouble has ensued.
  1. The raccoons were imported to Germany by Hermann Goering for his hunting pleasure, and are now marching through both Denmark and Finland in a pincer-like movement toward Sweden.
  2. The lager yeast created an alternative to ales, making possible such abominations as Coor's Light and Budweiser Select 55.
  3. The capybara has startled horses and stolen their food, frightening children and taunting hunters.
  4. The rabbits and camels have been the source of endless troubles throughout the Outback, displacing native creatures and destroying outbuildings and outhouses respectively.

We already know that the raccoon invasion of Europe was engineered by the Nazis, but when will the worlds' governments admit that they're using these animal importations to create these ecological disasters? the very disasters from which they claim the need, power, and right to protect us?
While we don't yet have the solid evidence we'd like, it seems obvious that they want us ever more dependent on official animal services. We'll report back here when more information is available.

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