Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Radiation and Crop Circles

  1. Professor Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon has released a study of crop circles wherein he admits that the creators of crop-circles are not going to give up their secrets easily.
  2. Taylor admires the technology behind this global phenomenon.
  3. One research team has reproduced damage inflicted on crops by using a handheld magnetron.
  4. This microwave technique could explain the speed, efficiency, and incredible detail of the creation of crop circles, Taylor says.

It should come as no surprise that most media outlets are ignoring the main thrust of this information. We now have evidence that crop circles are being created using radiation - not ropes and boards as has been portrayed in commercials and popular entertainments.  This radiation seems eerily similar to that emitted by the tubes used in microwave ovens - or in masers, the predecessor of the laser!

Why won't Washington release the data on the radiation exposure of crop circle investigators? Are they at risk? Just how much risk?
When will the radiation data from crop circles be reported regularly?
Further, why won't Lima release the data on residual radiation from the Nazca lines?
We'll report back here when more information becomes available.

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