Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not Fast, But Furious!

Fast and Furious? Fast and Loose is more like it!

The BATFE (it must stand for something like Bozos working to confiscate Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) decided that in order to take guns away from law-abiding regular US citizens, it would help to show that criminals from Mexico could get guns here too.

They set up a system where they let Mexican drug cartels get their hands on tons of guns and ammo with the plan being that when they told us that the Mexican drug lords were threatening us with guns they got here, we'd all say, "Oh please take all our guns away from us so those evil guys South of the border won't be able to get guns ehre and come shoot us," or something like that.

What a bunch of morons! Did they really think the first reaction of Americans (and Texans especially!) would be to disarm in order to be safe from armed thugs? When they're living on the border that the feds refuse to secure, and refuse to let anyone else enforce the laws there either? Are they really that far out of touch with reality? OK, let me retract that last one - they haven't touched reality in years, and we all know that. Still, somehow they figured that their friends in the media would make it look like they were clean, at least at the top, and that we'd all give them yet another pass in their assault on our individual liberty and our responsibility for our own selves - fortunately they were wrong, but it remains to be seen how wrong they've been.

So far they've come up with a few scapegoats to resign and pretend they were like a rogue operation rather than the top-down campaign against the Second Amendment that they are and that only an aggressively ignorant press could conceal from their readers and viewers because only Fox News would cover this and maybe conservative talk radio and after all that kind of stuff only reaches a few people who don't count because they're clearly out of the mainstream since they still think that these United States are better than other countries and they'd rather take care of themselves than to have the UN come in with light blue helmets and take care of them. A couple scapegoats aren't going to cut it when there are memos telling everyone what they're supposed to do and to make sure the guns get to the bad guys and then they lost track of the assault weapons they gave the bad guys in Mexico and some Americans got killed by them - this is going to hit somebody high up the chain sooner or later and the sooner the better before these buffoons at the BATFE manage to dismantle the Second Amendment without anyone really noticing.

All we can hope for is that all these unintended consequences end up backfiring on these clowns who are supposed to know something about law enforcement, firearms, and explosives.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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