Thursday, January 5, 2012

Congress Is In Recess When I Say It's In Recess

Once again, president 0bama is ignoring reality as the rest of us perceive it and blithely going off on his own. Congress is not in recess, but they're not meeting for regular-enough business for his taste, so he simply re-defines recess and makes a raft of recess appointments.
This is just one more of those moments for me when I try to decide if these thugs are just incompetent or if they're really that little concerned with doing the right things in the right way - and then I try to decide which I would prefer.
Pretty much every time I have one of these moments (and they happen far too often), I realize that it doesn't much matter which description is correct - the country is getting hosed by a bunch of thugs pretending to be politicians pretending to be public servants pretending to be statesmen.

Holy Constitutional Crisis, Batman! My guess is that the Constitution itself wasn't required reading in the classroom when 0bama "taught" Constitutional Law.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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