Monday, January 9, 2012

Unlocking Hidden Genetic Codes

  1. Canadian scientists have unlocked otherwise-unused genetic materials in several ant species.
  2. This manipulation has resulted in the birth of super-soldier ants in species where no such caste naturally occurs.
  3. They speculate that similar hidden types and abilities can be unlocked in other - higher - species, perhaps including humans.
Clearly this is aimed at creating alphas, betas, and gammas with the eventual application of Bokanovsky's process.
When will our governments admit their plans for chain gangs of Neanderthals building highways?
When will the scientists tell us what other species have already been reverted to type?
Why are average citizens regarded with so little regard by their putative betters?
When we find more information we'll report it here, but suffice it to say that with talk of cloning mammoths and/or mastodons in recent news, we're taking this whole story more seriously than we otherwise might, and we suggest that you do the same!

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