Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Extinct Bees Back From The Dead?

  1. A bee species (Cockerell's Bumblebee) went extinct last century - it was last observed in 1956.
  2. Scientists in Europe have observed neutrinos moving faster than light
  3. General Relativity indicates that faster than light = time travel to the past
When will the scientists at CERN release their entomological observations to accompany the results of their neutrino measurements?
Why do all branches of the federal government continue to remain silent on the threat of extinct species returning to life in the present due to uncontrolled experimentation by foreign scientists?
When with the news media report on this linkage?

We'll report back here as more information becomes available.

Posted by Listener 43

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  1. I think you're posting a bit outside your key competencies, Listener.

    Even if the neutrinos were traveling back in time, how would that pull bees forward from the past? and in another hemisphere?

    While I have no love for the LHC's leadership and their practice of leading their competitors and colleagues a merry chase strewn with red herrings on the way to the Higgs boson, I think you're barking up the wrong tree this time.

  2. Can i buy some drugs off you?

  3. Hoopy, if it's drugs you want, you've come to the wrong place.
    This site is about clear-headed analysis of what the traditional media and governments don't want us to think about, let alone to know.
    I hope you rethink your drug use.