Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Slippery Slope (there, I said it!)

The loony Eurocrat wannabes over at the NTSB have decided that we're too stupid and immature to make adult decisions for ourselves. In keeping with the actions of their co-conspirators across the Atlantic, they're proposing that all States should ban all use of cell phones in cars.
They're even willing to come up with technology to make sure they won't work there, just so you won't be tempted to think for yourself.
Of course, there's no reason to believe that this is anything but the first step in yet another program to protect us from ourselves, since they're so much smarter than we are (otherwise, they wouldn't have landed those great jobs in the government and they'd have to work for a living like the rest of us instead, right?). Here's the way I see the progression:
  1. No cell phones -
    they're distracting (and have managed to get us back to 1949 levels of traffic fatalities).
  2. No coffee -
    it's distracting to drink, and spilling it in our laps could burn us. (Food will go at the same time, no doubt.)
  3. No radio -
    unlike a conversation, you can't tell the radio to wait a minute while you deal with driving, so clearly that's not to be allowed.
  4. No passengers in front seat -
    even when you tell them to wait, they're still there, and they're distracting.
  5. No kids in back seat -
    kids just never shut up, and they drop their stuff and want you to get it for them.
  6. No cars -
    if there's just one person in each car, there's no environmental justification; we just can't allow them - get on the bus, bub, and live where we decide there will be service for now.
Once again, our technocrat overlords are chafing at the limits imposed on them by rationality, laws, and the Constitution. As usual, these things are only minor inconveniences in their way of thinking, and using the power of the federal piggy bank to force us and the States to their will is simply a matter of framing the commands in the proper form - as veiled threats of withholding tax money for failure to comply with "voluntary" guidelines which limit and then dispose of such niceties as the fiction of individual responsibility and liberty.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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