Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Search Is On!

This time it's for martian hypothermophilic chemolithotrophs - martian analogues to terrestrial life forms that live in the warm underground biosphere.

  1. Mars has an atmospheric pressure only 0.7% of that of Earth.
  2. Typical martian temperatures are on the order of -63 C (-81 F).
  3. It may well be that underground is the only place for life to flourish.
Why does NASA (and ESA for that matter) maintain silence regarding these subterranean life forms?
When will we be told just what has been found by the Martian rovers as they have dug into the surface of the red planet?
When will we actually learn who built the canals, and who covered them up before our orbiters arrived to map them?

We'll keep digging, and will report back here as more details become available.

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