Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Ba-ack ....

Oh great. Just when it seems that people have finally figured out when they're being phished and pranked and otherwise being made into a sucker, one of the debunked scams of yesteryear has raised its ugly head again.

The "venerable" Yapbrowser is hitting inboxes again, and with the very same come-on they used last decade, down to the now defunct site the EULA links to that's just a parked domain name waiting for someone to capitalize on the traffic by selling ads on the site for all the chumps who are going to click on that ad-infested piece of garbage browser that never did anyone any good.

If you get something like this, please, don't click it, don't open it, don't forward it, just delete it and never look back.

Posted by Gyro Gearloose

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