Thursday, February 16, 2012

CERN Boosts Their Beams

  1. CERN plans to boost the energy of the beams at the LHC from 4.5 to 5.0 TeV per beam.
  2. They anticipate that a year of experiments at these higher energies should let them find - or rule out - the Higgs boson.
  3. They're still publicizing the 124-126 GeV range as the hiding place for the elusive particle.
It seems incredible that anyone is bothering to believe these folks anymore. Several months ago, confirmation of the Higgs boson was just around the corner, and now they're planning on a full year of higher energy experiments to either pin it down or rule it out.

In spite of these higher energies, they are still not running at the top levels for which the LHC was designed. Purportedly, this is to avoid "burning out the power interconnects" - something which one would expect to have been included in the design for those top power levels.

Again, it seems odd that the CERNers are telling everyone where they're looking, and at what energy levels they'll be running these experiments. Does anyone else smell fish? Red herring, to be precise?

This all make me wonder if maybe these LHC folks aren't quite the braniacs they represent themselves to be.
Posted by Procrustes 17

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