Friday, February 10, 2012

The Russians Can't Get To Mars, So They'll Drill In The Ice On Earth

  1. Russian space probes headed for Mars typically disappear into space or crash into the ocean.
  2. Russia recently suffered just such a mishap with the Phobos-Grunt probe.
  3. Russian scientists are now drilling into the deepest fresh water lake in Antarctica.
  4. They anticipate finding new (to humanity at least) life-forms which have adapted to the high-pressure, low-light, high-oxygen environment.
Why are the Russians drilling in the same place that countless movie and TV producers have found ideal for an alien threat locale?
Why do they insist on drilling into a place where any life they encounter will either be harmed by its contact with Earth-normal conditions, or are likely to cause harm to Earth-normal life?
Why was there a long period of radio silence between the on-site Russian announcement of the impending breakthrough and resumed contact regarding the progress if the drilling?
What happened in those intervening days?

We will continue to monitor the situation, and report back here as more information is acquired.

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