Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ice Age is Coming, Baby!

  1. All the latest information indicates that planet Earth is headed for another Ice Age:
    • Sunspot activity is down and declining - just google Maunder Minimum
    • Solar magnetic fields are declining in strength - by more than fifty gauss!
  2. In Ice Ages past, there is evidence that earlier humans were able to move to non-glaciated areas by boat or walking or other means of transportation.
    • It's widely accepted that the Salutrean people sailed along the ice front across the North Atlantic.
    • They settled in Maryland and Virginia - avoiding the ice that covered all of Great Britain and so forth.
  3. The Clovis people in North America were those Salutrean guys, and they got partially creamed by another mini-Ice Age.
    • Their descendents were the Folsom people, who learned to make spear tips and whatnot from their Clovis forebears.
    • The Folsom people found themselves nearly imprisoned by Ice down in New Mexico and such.
  4. The big difference between them and us is:
    • They had lots of unoccupied and wide-open areas full of prey and berries for new homelands.
    • Where we gonna go? We already have all the good places filled, and only farmers know how to make food now, not normal people.
  5.  When the Ice Age hits, ice skating on the Thames will only be fun for so long.
    • Then it's fighting to keep the Polar Bears on the other side of Hadrian's Wall or the Watling Street. After not that much longer, it will be the Maginot line all over, baby! 
    • Where can we get coffee when there's no place warm to grow it?

All true facts are welcome - just look them up and share!

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