Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sony is about to Smurf us all

  1. Smurfs have been linked to all the major flavors of socialism, from Marxist/Leninist communism to Fascism.
  2. Sony has planted rootkits on their customers' PCs to track their media activity.
  3. Sony is planning worldwide Smurf day to plug their 3D Smurf movie.
  4. Smurfs were created by some Belgian guy.
  5. Brussels is where the EU has its HQ, steadily dismantling any semblance of democracy and local self-rule across Europe.
Is there some kind of mind control project is under way at Sony HQ? They want people to dress as those frigging blue creatures on June 25.
It seems clear that there is something sinister going on here, and no amount of corporate denials will suffice to clear Sony's name.

I'd rather scratch glass than turn blue!

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