Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's all there in the names and numbers

  1. The FBI's authorization to go through any garbage they want to examine - without a warrant - was tucked away in section 802, paragraph 11, subsection N of the Patriot Act reauthorization (this is a true fact).
  2. Echelon is the project monitoring everything everyone says via email, twitter, facebook, etc.
  3. (It's also the way Bill Gates knows who to send money for forwarding his emails, and how Macy's will track you down for forwarding their Marshall Field's cookie recipe.)
  4. IPv6 will be giving specificity to who and where all messaging originates.
  5. The latest WiFi is 802.11n - does that number sound familiar?

Wonder why some of us only use cables to connect, and are still on IPv4?
Ever wonder what happened to IPv5?

Exactly. It's all there in the names and numbers, if you'll just look. There is no evidence to the contrary, and if there were, that would be a bit suspicious.

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