Friday, April 27, 2012

Mars and Water - Again!

  1. A recent paper published in Science indicates that Martian valleys may not have been cut by running water.
  2. The paper claims that features of the valleys are the result of lava flows under shear forces.
  3. These coils are similar to lava coils found on Earth - near the Galapagos Islands.
One of the mystifying aspects to this story is the complete lack of reference to earlier discoveries of gypsum on Mars, which is typically a very strong indication of the action of water.
In addition, the lava coils on Earth which are mentioned as being similar to those on Mars are found under water - in the Pacific Ocean, to be specific.
When will our governments stop trying to "protect" us from the truth?
When will they tell us what's really out there?
We'll report back as we get more information.

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