Friday, April 27, 2012

They Backed Down, But So What?

Good grief folks, you'd almost think the 0bama administration was actually on the side of the American family farm the way they're getting a pass on this "backdown" from outlawing chores for kids!
First off, they thought this was a good idea - they really did - it wasn't like they accidentally made a rule that surprised everyone by applying to kids on farms. These blowhards in DC really think they know how to raise kids on a farm better than the kids' own parents do.
Secondly, the retraction of the rules is done in conjunction with the development of a curriculum to be used in the government schools to train farm kids on how not to get hurt with equipment that won't be in the schools. Anyone care to guess how much of the "teaching" will be of the "your parents can't make you touch these dangerous machines that will likely kill or maim you, and they're evil and don't love you as much as the government does if they try to get you to do anything around the farm," as opposed to actual safety instruction? It seems like a pretty difficult thing to get a teacher to do, doesn't it? How are they going to train kids on how to safely use whatever particular stuff they have on their farm when there aren't any sample machines there at the school? That will be especially hard when you realize that they don't really have much time to spare for this kind of instruction when the time is already committed to learning the latest song in praise of our glorious leader president 0bama, how to put condoms on cucumbers and bananas, and which aggrieved group is most deserving of everyone else's money. I mean, there's not enough time to teach them how to read, add and subtract, that the Founding Fathers were actually a pretty smart bunch of dudes who knew better than to trust a powerful central government with any more power than is absolutely necessary, and that we have rights that were granted by our Creator, not by the feds (not even by the Constitution!).

Good grief, they're just going to go about it in an even sneakier way, so don't go giving them any credit for backing down - they haven't backed down any more than the roaches that scamper under the cabinets in the White House have backed down: they're just waiting until the lights go out again and we're not looking.

Posted by Lewis Cannon

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