Friday, April 13, 2012

How Dare They?

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a stay-at-home Mom. Frankly, I'm not in the Potential-Mom half of the population anyway, so I'm able to comment on this whole brouhaha cum tempest in a teapot dome in a completely disinterested and abstract manner*.

So we hear over and over that the Republicans hate women. blah blah blah. Lefties can't say much else it seems.
Oh - wait a minute - Democrats hate women who don't dump their kids in some kind of day care operation so they can join the job market and make just barely enough to pay for the daycare and the gas or busfare or whatever that they need in order to get to work and then when they come home they're so exhausted that they expect their husbands (who apparently exist in some cases but not most from the way the statistics sound on the news) to actually do housework along with them while the kids do homework before they all collapse into bed after consuming hours of mind-numbing programming on television or their computers or tablets or whatever the device of choice might be in that household.

Isn't it obvious that these pundits and self-styled rulers (I thought we had a government of the people in this country, not rulers) don't want kids raised by families? Every policy coming out of DC seems calculated to make sure that kids are more and more dependent on the feds and less and less on their parents.
Ever read Brave New World by Huxley? All of this just sounds like we're on the way to a nation of Bokanovskified gammas, deltas,and epsilons being raised in the government creche to be productive cogs in society. For this we don't need education, we just need indoctrination, and that's more expensive because it costs money to distract kids from what's real long enough to fool them into believing the party line.

Makes my blood boil, I can tell you - worse than seeing some stuck up bureaucrat sitting on Dan Patch!
Hey, Feds, Leave Them Kids Alone!

Posted by Lewis Cannon

* OK, I'll fess up - I have a mother, and I had a part in making one as well. That proves nothing or less than nothing, and I stand by my sentiments and thoughts above regardless of how this revelation might make them look!

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