Friday, April 13, 2012

More Mars-Related Deception

  1. New analysis of data from the Viking Mars mission from 1976 has been undertaken.
  2. Reports of the new results indicate that there was evidence of the presence of life on Mars.
  3. Three experiments were undertaken, with these results being from only one of them.
Clearly we've been "protected" from the news that life was discovered on Mars nearly forty (40) years ago. The question is, "Why?"

While Martian microbes might seem innocuous - especially compared to the possibility of actual intelligent, potentially belligerent life - the news of such a discovery ought surely to have been widely circulated.

Why were Earth's citizens not informed?
What nefarious purpose did (or does) this cover-up serve?
Why were these results still kept out of the most popular scientific journals?
From what do our governments (or "rulers" as they style themselves) think to protect us?

We'll report back here as we get more information.

Posted by: Listener 43

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