Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ages In Chaos?

  1. Astronomers are rethinking the history of Phoebe - a moon of Saturn - realizing that it was actually a rogue planetoid captured by Saturn from the Kuiper Belt.
  2. Its shape and chemistry confirm that it was not formed as the other Saturnine moons, but rather originated elsewhere, as does its retrograde orbit.
  3. Indications are that it had significant internal heat, likely generated by radioactive elements below its surface, which contributed to the moon's nearly spherical regularity.
What is it with these scientists? They go just far enough to let us know that something has happened that is different from anything they have previously admitted, but not far enough to admit that Velikovsky was right.

When will the scientific establishment tell us what we already know?
When will they admit that the Solar System was built with the effects of electrical attraction as well as gravitation?
When will they admit that they have been hiding the truth from us?

We'll report back with further information as we find it.

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