Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Countdown To IPv6 Has Started!

Oh great, here we are already days into the end of the internet as we know it and no one seems to be worrying about how the oldsters running our country and all the other Big Brother wannabe types around the world are getting ready to track all of us all the time with more precision and persistence than Microsoft or Google would ever consider in their wildest gin-soaked dreams of advertising revenue avarice.

That's right, just this week, the biggies of the internet backbone switched on the IPv6 switches with no intention of switching them back off and they're calling for all of us to get with the program and be part of the connected generation and give them access to our logs and join the 1% of folks who are already doing this.

You may remember my warning about the unexpected uses that IPv6 will be put to by the governments of the world in tracking the activities and locations of regular citizens. In one of those, "Oh great, it's worse than I even thought and I thought I was already as cynical as I needed to be" moments, it looks like stopping all those PIPA and ACTA and other acronyms has only pushed them back to where they were in the first place - forcing everyone onto IPv6 with its powerful tracking and surveillance aspects intact and probably enhanced.

Of course, this is all also an attempt by the big switch manufacturers to manufacture demand for the stuff they make that nobody wants to buy because it costs more, makes security more difficult, disrupts all the processes and procedures that are already in place, and still seems unnecessary to most companies, let alone most IT staff and regular people who like to think that there's somewhere they can go even virtually where nobody knows you're a dog. The next step is probably to put IPv6 in the RFID chips that veterinarians put in dogs so the governments of the world will know when and where our dogs are near a wireless connection.

Won't someone think of the canines?!?!

Posted by Gyro Gearloose

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