Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh, that was choice!

First lady Michelle 0bama was the main speaker at the democrat convention on Tuesday and the reviews seem fairly uniformly positive for her trip down memory lane.

Oh yes, she has now assured us that she and the president are just normal folks - they came from families with little money, owed far too much on their student loans when the graduated: young, foolish, and in debt - or words to that effect.

(I wonder if anyone noticed the similar state of our new people's republic: young, foolish, and in debt - but I digress.)

The topic that really caught my attention and in my craw was the touting of national health care as being about choice for women or some such lunacy.
"Hey, we're women, we're adults, and we can make our own choices about our own health care! That's what my husband has done for us! Go team!"
Good grief - doesn't anyone think anymore? I don't mean just at the democrat convention, either: why hasn't there been a huge chorus of folks explaining that being forced to buy insurance from approved companies who are told exactly what they can offer for sale isn't exactly the same as making choices about our own health care? Am I the only one who can't hold this many contradictory clauses in the air while smiling seraphically as if I really believed at least some of the crockery that's going to break when it finally hits the floor or the fan?

What in the world is wrong with Americans these days? Have schools been so bad so long that no one here can think his way out of a paper bag or a government program?!

I'm getting close to the point where I'll despair for these once-great United States of America.

Posted by: Lewis Cannon

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