Friday, September 7, 2012

NASA, Mars, and Nazca Lines

  1. NASA has released purported images of the tire tracks of the Curiosity Rover on Mars.
  2. These pattern created by these lines would only be visible from space.
  3. NASA is claiming that the lines contain embedded Morse Code, reading JPL.
The images posted by NASA look remarkably like the Nazca lines found in South America, but NASA makes no comment acknowledging this obvious connection. It is difficult to believe that even they have not noted the similarity in the lines, as well as in the names! (NASA : Nazca)

By claiming to have embedded additional information in the lines, NASA raises the question as to whether similar information might be embedded in the Nazca lines - yet they clearly have no intention of investigating that question (or if they do, it would appear that they would intend to keep the results of that investigation to themselves).

When will NASA - a part of the US federal government, and thus purportedly accountable to the people - release this important information to the public?
Why do they insist on keeping this potentially Earth-shaking revelation from the general populace?
When will they release data regarding the levels of radioactivity of the Nazca lines?

We'll report back here as more information becomes available.

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