Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hole In Mars?!

  1. Scientists at NASA have found what they're calling a hole in Mars.
  2. There is a perfectly circular crater with a hole at the bottom leading to underground caves of undetermined size.
  3. This 35 meter hole leading to the 20 meter deep cavern is said to be a good candidate to contain Martian life.
What could have caused this hole in the surface? Could it be the remnant of an ancient weapon?
What kind of life do they anticipate finding down there? Are we being prepared for something they already know?
Why does our government continue to push out tantalizing tidbits like this, rather than coming clean and telling us what's actually out there?
Do they fear the reaction of the populace? Is this why the President has signed so many executive orders giving the government extraordinary powers - in case of emergency?

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