Friday, July 13, 2012

Mutant Monkey Flowers And Triffids

  1. A new species of monkey flower has been discovered on the bank of a stream in Scotland. It is the offspring of two foreign plant species which typically produce only sterile hybrids.
  2. Dr. Mario Vallejo-Marin of the University of Stirling has documented the first examples of these hybrid monkey flowers that actually show full fertility.
  3. Dr. Vallejo-Marin has named this species Mimulus peregrinus, a name which translates as 'the wanderer'.
Can anyone read these words - especially the name of this new species - and not be concerned for the future of Great Britain?
Fertile hybrids of alien species - in fact, a plant called the wanderer - can bode little but ill for the island nations of the UK.

When will the British government admit to its citizens that these "monkey flowers" pose a clear and present danger to them?
Will the British government be able to protect the vast numbers of visitors currently headed for their shores for the quadrennial Olympic games?

We'll monitor this species and this situation and report back here when there is more information. Until then, stocking up on sea water can't be a mistake.

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