Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rabies Resistant Peruvian Mutants?

  • Six Peruvians have survived - without treatment - the bite of rabid vampire bats.
  • They live in remote villages far from civilization along the Amazon, where locals endure frequent, typically deadly, vampire attacks.
  • Medical researchers agree that an untreated rabies infection in a human would be invariably fatal, that "nearly everyone who is found to be experiencing clinical symptoms of rabies dies"
While those in the know realize that vampire bats don't kill by draining the blood of their victims - they're far too small for that - they represent an important vector in the spread of rabies. In fact, the bats manage to lap up as much blood as they do by use of a factor in their saliva known as draculin which prevents the clotting and coagulation of the blood.

Until now, all medical experts were in agreement that rabies if left untreated is uniformly fatal. Were they wrong? Were they misleading us? Or ... has something different arisen in the Peruvian jungle?
Why has the Peruvian government not released DNA analyses of the survivors?
When will the Centers for Disease Control admit that the Peruvian Six carry a rabies-resistant mutation?
Which of the world's military organizations will be first to genetically enhance its soldiers with resistance to rabies - and then to develop similar mutations to protect against anthrax and other bio-weaponry?

We will report back here as we receive more information.

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